Resident Counselor for The Nest

Regular hours worked: 10 to 40 per week
REPORTS TO: Program Supervisor
The purpose of the Resident Counselor is to provide the front-line supervision, protectionand care of Commercial Sexually Exploited girls individually and in groups at all times;provide the primary relationship for the opportunity of change in the youth; implement thetreatment program as part of a team of other professionals; and maintain the environment to bea therapeutic and home-like place.
Provide supervision and aid for the students in the school program. and any neededdisciplinary interventions.
Supervises and cares for clients, which includes the following duties:
Oversees clients in dressing, grooming, bathing and other personal hygiene
Assists clients with taking medication, and stores and distributes medicationaccording to regulations
Observes clients for medical and dental needs, and arranges and assists withmedical and dental care
Maintains house rules for the protection of clients
Supervises client schedules and activities
Maintains and/or supervises client cash resources and property
Monitors food intake and special diets
Assists each girl in working with a group and in handling individual problems
Administers discipline and setting of limits for behavior
Documents all individual progress
Identifies the possible need for professional service and communicates such findingsto professional staff
As a role model and trainer to clients, cooks and teaches cooking; cleans and teachescleaning; launders and teaches laundering; maintains and teaches maintenance of ahome; and in being a member of a household and working with others,
Trains and oversees youth in basic skills such as socially acceptable conduct,negotiation, problem-solving and refusal skills
Trains and oversees youth in basic skills such as cleanliness, personal care, andgrooming; and in social skills such as socially acceptable conduct, negotiation, problemsolvingand refusal skills
Is aware of the whereabouts of each client at all times
Provides the elements for a positive therapeutic relationship with each client; e.g.,unconditional regard, empathy, genuineness, and respect
Guides and motivates positive behavior
Provides a safe and structured environment for the clients
Assist clients in participating in age-appropriate extracurricular, enrichment, and social activities, usingthe reasonable and prudent parent standard in determining whether to give permission to participate;consult with the Case Manager in applying and using the reasonable and prudent parent standard.
In accordance with the reasonable and prudent parent standard, provides a planned, scheduled programof activities
Also in accordance with the reasonable and prudent parent standard develops and implementsconstructive activity programs for unstructured time
Assists in carrying out programs of education, recreation, intramural sports, community service projects,and other activities in accordance with the reasonable and prudent parent standard
Provides crisis intervention and emergency aid when warranted
Responds to emergencies, runaways, and disturbances as directed
Communicates, cooperates and coordinates with other facility staff regarding observations andconclusions resulting from work with youth
Maintains frequent and routine contacts with school personnel
Maintains contact with parents of assigned clients
Favorably and honestly represents the agency to visitors to the home (including placement agents,licensing workers, and supporters) and when in the community (on-duty)
Prepares progress evaluations and treatment summaries
Submits timely incident reports occurring during shift
Reports all cases of child abuse according to law
Transports clients in own vehicle as necessary
Ensures the cleanliness, appearance, safety and maintenance of facility and surrounding grounds;reports all needed major repairs
Reports facility emergencies (plumbing, electrical, and others) to insure safety and health. Reports to theProgram Director all major repairs needed, along with any known causal factors
Maintains cooperative working relationships with agency staff outside the treatment team.
Maintains agency and program policies.Administers urinalysis for drug testing as directed
Relieves staff on duty only after assuring that building and grounds are in acceptable condition andclients assigned are all present or properly accounted for
Involves volunteers in program activities on a planned, regular basis; and maintains appropriatevolunteer records
Implements treatment interventions as assigned by the Case Manager and the Treatment Plan
Implements changes in methods and procedures as directed by the Program Director within theprogram; and makes recommendations to the Director on policy or procedural changes which may haveapplication at the facility
Communicates and coordinates with other staff regarding observations, impressions, and behavior ofclients
Reviews client grievances, resolves those she can and reports to the Program Director
Participates in staff meetings, workshops, conferences, and seminars required by the agency
Implements discharges as indicated by Case Manager as approved by the Program Director
Assists in coordinating placements into the home
The above declarations are not intended to be an all-inclusive list of the duties and responsibilities of thejob described
Age Limitation: Minimum age is 21 years.
Citizenship Requirement: Pursuant to the law, a person must be either a U.S. citizen or be a permanentresident alien.
Felony Disqualification: Persons convicted of a felony are not eligible to be appointed to positions of thisclass.
Background Investigation: Pursuant to the law, persons shall be fingerprinted prior to work in a facility, andshall be subject to a background investigation by Community Care Licensing and the FBI. Persons who havepreviously been subjected to this in Advent will not undergo any further investigation of this type.
Medical Requirement: Persons shall undergo a medical examination to determine that he or she can performthe essential functions of the job safely and effectively.

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